Buying Guide for Turmeric Supplements for Inflammation

CThTurmeric is a spice that hails from the ginger family and is widely used in the cuisines of the Asian countries. It gives a bright yellow color to the food and provides a distinct flavor to it. However, the usage of turmeric is not only limited to cooking because it is also a vital medicine according to Indian Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medical science enlists several medicinal benefits of turmeric. For instance, it is a rich source of antioxidants and is immensely useful in case of inflammation. Turmeric supplements are known to alleviate knee pain and injury related pain. It is also beneficial for the skin. People all over the world have welcomed the health benefits of turmeric into their life and started taking curcumin supplements that are easily available in the market. These are absolutely organic and have no side effects. Here is all you need to know about turmeric supplements.

Things to know about turmeric supplements

  • Choose organic supplements only

Always choose organic turmeric supplements. The market is flooded with several fake products too. Do not get deceived by chemical supplements that claim to have the same effect as curcumin. Avoid animal gelatin capsules in case you are a vegan. Confirm whether the gelatin based capsules are animal based or plant gelatin based before buying. The safest option in case you are a vegan or vegetarian is to use the pill form.

  • Dosage

Be careful about the dosage of curcumin supplements. Though it is safe and free from side effects, it should be taken in a particular dosage. Do consult a doctor if you are unsure about the safe dosage of turmeric supplements. The usual recommended dosage for turmeric or curcumin supplements is 1500mg a day. Turmeric is so potent that it works best even if you take it in little amount. Also read the dosage instructions very carefully on the bottle.

  • Don’t get confused with turmeric v/s curcumin

People who are not used to scientific terms may often get confused with the terms- curcumin and turmeric. While some supplements are called turmeric supplements other describe themselves as curcumin supplements. They are the same product having the same benefits. The active ingredient is called curcumin while the common name for the plant is turmeric.

  • Absorption

The curcumin supplement isn’t easily absorbed in the body in case of some people. You can either try finding curcumin supplements that have black pepper in them or you can swallow some peppercorns after you take the supplement. It aids in easy absorption of the turmeric in the body.

Best Turmeric Supplements for Inflammation

1. Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine

Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1200mg - Includes 95% Curcuminoids - Free Pill Case Included - 60 Vegetarian Capsules- Gluten Free Joint Health This is one of the most popular curcumin supplements in the market and is an absolutely vegetarian product. It is certified by USDA as a safe and beneficial supplement and is highly recommended by users too. The formula contains 95% curcuminoids to give the best of health benefits to your body. It also contains the required amount of Bioperine, a black pepper extract to help the curcumin to be absorbed in the body. Together, they fight the effects of inflammation and give you increased fitness and good health.

  • This is a certified vegetarian product.
  • It is hugely popular among the users.
  • It lives up to its claims and boosts immune system and controls inflammation.

  • The 1200mg dosage is not exceeding the daily recommended dosage but you can do well with even half of it too.

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2. Botaniceutics GG&T – Organic Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric

Botaniceutics GG&T - Organic Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric - 270 Capsules - 3 Bottle Pack - 500 mg - Circulatory health from natural ginger, turmeric curcumin and garlic allium. Botaniceutics Organic Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric supplement combines the anti-inflammatory effects of all these 3 very essential and beneficial herbs and presents them in one ready to swallow pill. Ginger and garlic too are very good to alleviate inflammation and pain. Like turmeric, they too are good for cardiovascular health. Taking them daily will help you to have a healthier life. Each capsule has 33% of organic ginger, 33% of garlic and 33% of Thai turmeric. It does not contain any additive or fillers and thus there are no chances of side effects.

  • These are soft and easy to swallow capsules.
  • The 3-in-one formula increases the power of the capsules and gives you added strength and immunity.

  • Vegetarian costumers can’t consume it.

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3. Golden Reason Turmeric with Ginger and Bioperine

Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger. Anti Aging Support. Joint Support. Promotes Natural Weight Loss and Heart Health, with Bioperine (Black Pepper) Veggie Capsules. Non GMO. Made in USA. (60) 120 turmeric capsules are contained in this bottle of supplement that not only increases your immunity and reduces inflammation, but also promotes good heart health and anti-aging benefits. It also aids in weight loss naturally. The capsules are vegetarian, sugar free and gluten free. This turmeric supplement has got no side effects! The wide range of benefits makes this a very popular turmeric supplement among users. The added benefit of ginger along with turmeric makes this a potent supplement for all round well health. Bioperine aids in easy absorption of the supplement.

  • Ginger and Turmeric provide you extra protection and immunity against diseases.
  • It helps to alleviate joint pain and early signs of arthritis.
  • Helps in weight losss
  • Best suited for vegans and vegetarians

  • The bottle is huge and thus pricey and may be more than sufficient if you are not looking for long term use.

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4. Earthbound- Turmeric Curcumin with C3 & BioPerine

Turmeric Curcumin with C3 & BioPerine | 1000mg per Serving | 120 Vegan Capsules Earthbound brings you the best quality turmeric with 1000mg of curcumin in one serving. Addition of bioperine helps in its absorption. Circuminoid molecules help in absorption of the supplement in the body 2000% faster. The C3 complex contains 3 active and essential curcuminoids that reduces cell damage due to free radicals; provides several anti-aging benefits and reduces joint pain and inflammation. This is an absolutely vegan product that never uses animal based gelatin unlike many other turmeric supplements in the market. Studies have shown that this supplement from Earthbound contains the maximum levels of curcuminoids for best benefits.

  • The formula of this capsule makes it the best one you can find with addition of C3 complex and bioperine along with the best quality turmeric.
  • It is very beneficial in treating inflammation and related pain.

  • The 120 capsules bottle is big enough especially if you wish to use it for short term.

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5. Pukka- Turmeric Lifekind

Pukka Organic Turmeric Lifekind 30 Capsules by Pukka Herbs This is the brand to start with if you are new to turmeric supplements. The capsules contain relatively less amount of turmeric. 155mg of curcumin is the active ingredient in each capsule. Besides, it has the benefits of holy basil and green tea. Pepper extracts are also present for easy absorption.  The product is also 100% vegan and is a favorite among vegan users.

  • This is a good turmeric supplement with less amount of curcumin to start with.
  • It is a certified organic and vegan product.

  • The green tea and holy basil extracts are beneficial in nature but the supplement could have just concentrated on turmeric extracts. They do not add much potency to it.

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6. NativOrganics Turmeric Curcumin

USDA Organic Turmeric Curcumin Supplement - 100% Vegan Organic Turmeric Capsules With Black Pepper Plus Ginger, Amla & Goji For Max Absorption - Highest Potency 95% Curcumoids - 60 Caps This is a USDA certified organic turmeric supplement that has packed 620mg of active curcumin extract into one single pill. This means that you do not have to take two large capsules every day. One pill can serve you for the whole day. It also has extracts of bioperine, ginger root, amla, mangosteen and goji berry to make it more potent. Also, this is a 100% vegan product for the customers.

  • It saves you the trouble of taking two capsules everyday by packing 620mg of curcumin into one capsule.
  • The bioperine extract improves the absorption of the curcumin in the body.
  • The high levels of anti-oxidants increase immunity and slow down the process of aging.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects are good for joint pain and inflammation.
  • It also supports the circulatory system and improves liver functioning and digestion.

  • The addition of goji berry, amla and ginger extracts are definitely beneficial but were not necessary in this product.

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7. Swanson Hiactives Tart Cherry & Turmeric 

Swanson Hiactives Tart Cherry & Turmeric 60 Veg Capsules (2 Pack) This is a superb herbal formula to improve joint health and alleviate even the most irritating of pains. It takes care of arthritis related problems and provides significant relief in inflammatory pains. A completely vegan product, made from the best quality unadulterated pure constituent!  Turmeric along with tart cherry offers a good dose of anti-oxidants and takes care of joints.

  • Helps to take care of all joint problems and arthritis related pain.
  • Daily consumption keeps joints healthy.
  • There are no side effects.

  • Nothing much to complain about.

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8. Now Foods Turmeric and Bromelain Veg Capsules

Now Foods Turmeric and Bromelain Veg Capsules,90 Count-2 Pack by NOW This is one very popular turmeric supplement among vegan people and has been created to specifically target inflammatory joint pain in the body. This medication can benefit people suffering from arthritis and joint pain. You need to take 2 capsules to have a daily dose of 600mg of curcumin. The brand has also incorporated bromelain in the capsules, an extract derived from pineapple and known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it boosts the benefits of the supplement.

  • The 600mg daily dose keeps you strong and immune.
  • The double force of turmeric and bromelain keeps away joint pain and inflammation.

  • There are no additives to help in the absorption of the curcumin. You can try having it with a few peppercorns though.

buybutton - Buying Guide for Turmeric Supplements for Inflammation So, the above listed turmeric supplements are the best you can find in the market. All of them are available on Amazon. Thus, compare their prices and benefits and go through the buying guide to purchase the best turmeric supplement for all round health and fitness.
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